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BUG Design is based in Eynsham, Oxfordshire.  We work locally throughout Oxfordshire and surrounding counties, and offer a complete service in garden design, from concept to construction management.  

We design gardens of all sizes and styles, tiny courtyards to large country house gardens.  We deal with any aspect of your outdoor space, no matter how mundane or exceptional, be it improving access to your entrance, a refresh of your planting borders, or sourcing a stylish firepit.

Creative Approach

At BUG Design we aim to create garden and outdoor spaces where everything is perfect for you – the utopian.  

We turn your personal ideas and wishes for your garden spaces into reality.  Our distinctive approach to garden design connects your house with the garden and extends your living space to the outside. As garden architects, we truly understand the spatial relationship of your house to all outside spaces, soft and hard, resulting in beautiful gardens which enhance your entire property and setting.

 At BUG Design we believe that your garden is an oasis for you, living in close connection with a wide variety of plant and animal species – the biodiverse.  

We believe that increasing biodiversity in your garden also intensifies your enjoyment of your garden.  A biodiverse garden looks natural and encourages wildlife and pollinators into your garden.  It can look wild and organic, or ordered and structured, by following a contemporary or more formal design language.  A biodiverse garden integrates ecological structures, such as insect hotels and hibernaculars to provide habitats for local wildlife. We also care about sustainability and strive to specify locally sourced materials. 

BUG Design - or Biodiverse Utopian Gardens - marries the natural and wild with the contemporary, creating effortless simplicity in garden spaces with a rich and lush planting layer.


I’m Nina Turner, founder of BUG Design, a landscape architect with over 14 years’ experience in the landscape consultancy profession, having worked for a leading landscape and environmental design consultancy. It is here where I was fortunate enough to work on prestigious projects, designing well functioning and beautiful spaces, and planting schemes for the public or for universities. I led projects through all stages, from inception to concept design, through to the construction on site working closely with the contractor team to deliver the vision. 

I always had a passion for planting design, and I now want to focus solely on the enjoyment that I gain from creating beautiful gardens and landscapes for my clients.  I want to bring my expertise and knowledge to your home for you to enjoy. 

Another personal interest of mine is the child-friendly garden and how natural gardens affect childrens’ perception of nature and the outdoors, and how it improves their physical and mental health and well being.  Watching my own three children; their pride and joy is palpable when they have grown their own vegetables and eat their own produce, and their excitement is evident when holding (and carefully releasing!) a frog that they’ve discovered. 

I am also a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute since 2007, and hold a diploma and engineering degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in Landscape and Open Space Design, and an MA in Landscape Design.  If you would like to know more about my qualifications, please ask me.